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Consulting Services are perfect for those who like to do the staging themselves but just need some advice.   The most budget friendly service, the consultant will discuss recommendations for exterior curb appeal, furniture arrangements, organizing options and color schemes if needed.

Occupied Staging

Too busy or can't do the work yourself?  This option the consultant is hired to complete the work with the current home owner's decor and furnishings.  The consultant will rearrange furniture, remove/add decor, and showcase the home's natural beauty.  This service is a base price plus an hourly rate. 

 Vacant Homes


The BEST option for an empty home.  Consultant will provide quality decor and furnishings to fill the living space to give it a warm, cozy atmosphere.  Homeowner can can choose how many rooms to be furnished based on the their preference and budget.


*Rental Fees will also apply.

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